Every year I ask myself the same question –  Where should we go on vacay? The only thing I’m sure about this time around is that t’s going to be to the Caribbean. I love the beach, sun, sand, and cocktails. I constantly daydream about being under the palm trees, relaxing, and listening to the waves.

77-maya-beach-barcelo-hotels-18-beach54-125932After weeks and weeks of debating where to vacation, we chose Maya Riviera, the Mexican Caribbean! We stayed at an all inclusive resort, beautiful white sand, and clear water. After a couple of days of just laying out and hanging out at the resort we booked an adventure tour. Went zip-lining, drove ATVs, cenote swimming, and snorkling. I was scared to death about zip-ling since I’m scared of heights, I survived and actually liked it.  One more thing to cross out of my bucket list.

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