My addiction to makeup

I didn’t start wearing makeup until my 20’s.  As a moisturizer I thought that the same lotion I used on my body was enough for my face. I loved to tan and thought since I was young I would never get wrinkles until I was really old. Stupid thing for me to think. One day my boyfriend’s mom asked if I used anything on my face…my answer, was very obvious. I had acquired a few wrinkles and some very noticeable crow’s feet. She suggested I needed an everyday moisturizer. Years of tanning had given me about an extra 15 years, I had an old leathery, wrinkly, and dry look on the face. Thank goodness for her! She introduced me to moisturizers, high end make up, and eye creams. I have tried a lot of different moisturizers, but I always seemed to come back to her suggested moisturizer. Almost ten years later, if you look in my bag, I still use the same brand moisturizer, Olay.

As far as make up goes, I’m addicted to it! I do have my everyday favorites. If you took a look inside my purse you would find my top seven favorite beauty products. Moisturizer,  chapstick, lip pencils, mascara, brightening makeup, and bronzer.

What is your all time favorite beauty product?


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