I didn’t realize that organization was a big part of my life. As an adult I just thought,  “Wow! I’m so neat and organized and like things a certain way”.  While working with doctors I was given a lot of compliments by our patients on how organized my desk is and how I don’t miss any details.  Little by little I started noticing a few details about myself.  When organizing at work I realized that everything had to be even numbered and medicine bottles were always perfectly aligned with names facing to the front. As I started paying more attention to what I did, I also came to the conclusion that I had OCD tendencies. At home it’s an obsession about order and symmetry. Everything has to be perfect, feel, and look the right way.

Going through some old photos of when I was younger I came across some pictures I had taken of my room.  There it was! Since I was about 10 years old there are pictures of perfectly aligned shoes, perfectly made bed, and even the posters on the wall were arranged a certain way. So weird! How is it that I had never noticed that before? Why didn’t my parents ever mentioned it? I’m guessing growing up in a house full of boys (four brothers) and being the only girl made them think that girls are just always clean. 

Do you have any OCD tendencies?

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