Blagden Alley: La Colombe

Happy Snowy Friday! I know this post is past overdue. I love waking up to snow and a cup of coffee.  City living for me is the best and I wouldn’t have it any other way. DC has so many places to explore and places to eat. Whatever you’re in the mood for I’m sure you’ll find it. In the next blogs to come, I will be bringing you to some of my favorite spots in my city.

I want to start with coffee, just because if it wouldn’t of been for this particular incident, I’m not sure where I would be lol.

I remember the first time I went to Blagden Alley; I mean like how could I not? It was February 2014 and I was at work looking at social media, Instagram to be exact (what! like you don’t do it!) and saw a post that Todd Carmichael would be attending the grand opening for his coffee shop in DC. I’ve watched his TV show Dangerous Grounds and now Uncommon Grounds… if you love coffee you’ll understand. Anyeways, it was literally like 3 blocks from my house, how awesome I thought! I didn’t hesitate to ask if I could go home early and luckily enough, I was able to.

As I walked down to the alley, I began to question myself, but sure enough, once I glanced up I saw the coffee shop sign, and continued my journey. The main entrance to the alley is in fact this  beautiful coffee shop. I walked in and they were showing their Dragon Brewer (one of the oldest ways of making coffee in the world) it was beyond cool! The shop inside is beautiful and not your typical coffee shop. I love the fact that it has no wifi, (sorry kiddos this place actually forces you to enjoy one another’s company) you can actually come in and enjoy your surroundings. After I purchased my first cup of La Colombe coffee I continued to admire the inside of this shop, eventually after I fully indulged my craving, I proceeded to walk out front, and none other than the coffee God himself, Todd Carmichael was now standing in front of me! (Freak out moment to say the least) we made small talk and I even got to ask a few questions about his show and of course asked for a picture. That was my very first Blagden Alley experience.

Please share your favorite coffee shop and why?

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